White Loaves – A Success?

After 10 years from my last loaf of bread and several mishaps in trying to regain my skills, I finally completed my assignment and now have two loaves of white bread! Hurray! But not before I broke a bowl in the mixer (while mixing) AND forgetting the sugar to proof the yeast (it can happen!) I finally got the bread baked. I thought with my minor case of arthritis I would have the mixer knead the bread. But I couldn’t bear it. I stopped the machine and ripped the dough out of the bowl and attacked it. My hands hurt for sure, but it felt so good to be kneading (especially with that butter) and later to have exercised my hands. Still, the bread was about 2 minutes under-baked. I did take it out of the pans the last 10 minutes to brown, but I really should have kept it in the oven a bit longer. Next time. Meanwhile, I reading the recipe for the chocolate tarts! This one seems challenging. Kristine


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