Chocolate Tartlets

My initial approach to this recipe was that it was too advanced. It was not. It was just a lot of steps. Breaking them all down by larger tasks (goals and objectives) allowed me to feel somewhat more confident at this project.

Making the crust: I did not like how this crust was made – although I did follow the directions precisely and it came out very good. My mistakes were in not working the butter in the flour long enough and being too afraid to add more water. I really kept thinking of the King Aurthur baking cookbook’s recipe, which always turns out exceptionally well for me. Still, I followed these directions and am happy with the result – in fact, I think I like the crust better than the filling!

The second task was to roll out the crust and work it into the tart pans. This worked out much better than I thought it would! It was so easy, in fact, I went ahead with step three: The filling and baking the tarts.

I did well with this, although my mistake here was not chopping the biscotti fine enough. Oh well, the tarts look a little lumpy. But, again, it worked. After I pulled the tarts from the oven and cooled them – I tried it. It was wonderful. So wonderful I began thinking how I might change the recipe. . . to suit my needs.

Here’s what I would do next: I would not use the biscotti. I don’t even like biscotti very much and the texture, even after the cool down I didn’t like the texture. I think I would substitute almond slivers instead. This would give the crunch I need and get rid of the lumpiness (of course, that is still my fault!)

Anyway, that’s my experience with this recipe. I’m looking forward to the March choices!

Enjoying the process! Kristine


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