Pizza Rustica

Well, I did it! The worst part of the whole adventure was hoping that I didn’t make a mess of the lattice work. I kept it simple. I did only 3 strips each way. While this sounds as though I cheated I had to think a bit creatively and think about compensating for all the mistakes I was going to make!

So, I used a 9 1/2 inch pie plate which was deep. This meant more bottom crust. That was okay – since I never believed that I should use a 9 inch pie plate. Once I made that decision and put in more crust. I then did the lattice work. It’s a technique I have never done before so I decided few lattices, fewer mistakes. (There’s the compensation part.) And it worked fairly well. It looks a little thin, but when I showed my husband the picture and then the finished product he said he couldn’t see what was different! I, of course, thought he wouldn’t count the lattice strips and therefore, achieved my personal goal of having fooled someone into thinking it looks just like the picture! That being said . . .

I did not follow the meat ingredient as we are vegetarians. I mentioned this on the TWD comment section and got a great recommendation of kalamata olives and dried tomatoes. I loved, loved, loved the suggestion. And was going for it while I was shopping when I suddenly remembered how my husband always gives me his olives in restaurants. Although we have never talked of this behavior (I actually thought he was being super nice) I suddenly realized that HE DOESN’T LIKE OLIVES. (So he was being nice giving me all those olives. . . )

Well, I thought, I really would like to have him compliment me about the pizza rustica (herefore referred to as PR) since I just knew it would be good (all that great cheese), so I dropped the olive ingredient and started to cruise the store for something that would balance the dried tomatoes. I finally decided on adding ‘heat’ was the trick. So I selected one of those long green chili peppers (whose proper name I do not know – can someone help me out here?????) and chopped it with the parsley and the dried tomatoes.

This gave the PR a festive quality to it and I thought, CHRISTMAS. Because with all this cheese and eggs, I know the calorie count is off the charts and this will now be a ‘for a special occasion only’ dish. Probably when we go visit my husband’s family and I can, at last, impress them! Of course, I better practice more on my lattice skills!

Can’t say at this time how it all turned out as it is cooling behind a barricade of bowls and pots and pans. Our greyhounds (2 of them) are counter cruisers – but only when I leave the room. So, the barricades are up, the PR is cooling and I’m blogging too much!

Hope everyone else is having a good time with this recipe!


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  1. Thanks for baking along this week. Glad you and the hubby liked it, I can’t wait to dig into mine!!



  2. I need a lot more practice on my lattice skills as well šŸ™‚


  3. It’s so nice to meet someone else whose culinary skills are not fully developed, yet! Three strips for the lattice work seems like an excellent way to simplify. I’ll bet you and your husband will be happy with your final product. As an aside, I’ll bet you put poblano peppers in your pizza. Take care. Nice to be on this path with you šŸ™‚


    • Hi Bakeranne, I didn’t use poblano or jalapeno peppers (it’s the only one I do know after the green, red, and yellow kind). This one was long and skinny. The three strips did work well. Had to remind myself throughout the process to breathe. Kept tensing up and worrying that I was overworking the dough. So 3 strips was just fine. Plan to do something like this one again. But would like to cut the calorie intake. My husband (a diabetic type 1) counts calories with everything we eat – he guesstimated that this one was about 700 per slice! (They were big slices – still 700 calories doesn’t leave room for much else!) Have a great weekend! Kristine


  4. A few people made the olive & tomato substitution & it sounds really lovely.


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