Hazelnut Biscotti – Without the Hazelnuts

Biscotti with Pisachios and Dried Cherries

Biscotti with Pistachios and Dried Cherries

I tried to find the hazelnuts, but time got away from me and the only hazelnuts I could find were in tiny little bags and salted. I re-thought the recipe. I remembered another TWD baker said ‘pistachios’ and so I thought, ‘Why not?’ I like pistachios better than hazelnuts anyway. (I really only pursued the hazelnut to practice the skill of taking the skins off – but then decided, this could be learned at another time.)

So I moved on to pistachios. That led me to the brandy. I went to the package store and moved to the brandy section – which took a while to find as the store sold mostly wines from all over the world and sections were marked (very cutely, I might add) by countries. It was a great geography lesson. Well, I found the brandy after walking through Europe and then I was confronted with t no less than 12 different types/ flavors! Brandy comes in flavors????  Who knew?  So, I tried (I really did try) to find just plain brandy. No go. Maybe they had it hidden in France – I don’t know. – but I was tired of trying to find the least risky brandy and one that would compliment the pistachios.

So I decided, right then and there and standing next to Australia, that I would choose the wild cherry brandy and add, not only the pistachios, but also dried cherries. What a risk taker in the kitchen I’m becoming! So now I have changed two ingredients and added another. I grabbed the wild cherry brandy, walked through Germany, and paid for the booze.

When I got home, I tried a bite of cherry and pistachio together and thought, ‘Not bad.’ and so I proceeded to bake something I have never done before (biscotti) and hoped for the best.  I went to work. I did well until I had to cut the logs. I don’t know how others cut them into the longish strips, mine came out looking like little toasts from small baguettes.  So I sawed away and did my best for width continuity. It sort of worked. I considered for a very short instance getting out my ruler and using a sharpie to mark the one inch width marks on the logs, but canned that idea as I thought the sharpie may change the over flavors. So after agonizing about the width, I just sliced away and eyeballing width.

In the end, it worked out.  My husband loved them.  He was happy with the shape of the biscotti – saying that he didn’t like the long ones that much.  I was so excited that it all turned out well, too!  I kept fishing for compliments from my husband all night long – which he gladly gave to me. He stopped being creative at about the third time and repeated his compliment word for word, but I didn’t mind.


Just before we fell asleep and I was reeling in my final compliment, my husband added to his mantra about how good they were with, “But, you know, they could have been thinner.”

And that was the last thing I heard about the biscotti with pistachios and dried cherries.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Lol! Cute story. I’m always elbowing my husband as well, but he’s more of a one word guy. “Good.” 🙂 Pistachios and cherries sound fantastic. I’ll have to try that combo sometime.


  2. The brandy research brings me back to my vodka research when I was making the homemade vanilla extract. I don’t drink vodka and had no idea which brand to choose among the (I don’t know maybe…) 10-15 different brands… Lost in Vodka!!

    Your biscotti look great!
    I had a look in the book and these biscotti are thick compared to the Cantuccini (I think is the next or previous recipe in the book)…

    Cherry and Pistachios…yummy!


  3. Haha, love your story! I totally relate to feeling lost in booze stores; I secretly try to avoid going alone for that reason. Your biscotti look and sound great!


  4. Pistachios + cherry + brandy = 🙂
    Don’t you wish they could just leave it at the compliments? These look great.


  5. Your flavor combination sounds tasty. I had a recipe that called for a certain nut, peanuts I think, and could only find salted. I bought them and just gave them a quick rinse and dried them. Worked!


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