Semolina Bread

Semoling Bread with horse potholder

Semolina Bread with horse potholder.

Once I found semolina flour, this TWD recipe was easy and lazy one to do.

It took me several days and a look-see in 5 grocery stores to find the flour. At Whole Foods and health food stores they had it but were out of stock. This made me think that there were many TWD baker/ bloggers in my area!  When I was about to give up making this recipe on time, I was driving past a large chain grocery store no where near my home when I decided I would pull in and look to see if they had the flour.

They did.

I planned to bake the following day. And I did.

The sponge rising went well. It was kind of exciting to watch it rise since I had never worked with yeast this way before. A little wary, I kept checking up on it throughout the rising time. I loved how it turned out – spongy! Once it had doubled in size, I went right for the flour and dough hook.  I got through these next steps and left it to rise. Due to circumstances I could not get back to the bread for four hours. No worries. It was in good shape. The next rising was over 4 hours as well.

Then I baked.

It turned out wonderful. I experimented with toppings – trying to find the right combination of foods to put on this bread. I tried many toppings including melted cheddar and Gorgonzola cheese as we as tabbouleh and hummus. My favorite? A classic toast with melted butter and a dollop of homemade cherry jam. It was good.  Really good.


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  1. Sometimes finding the ingredients is the hardest part!
    Your topping choices sound lovely – nice work!


  2. I had a hard time finding the flour too. Once I did I agree this was a pretty easy recipe.


  3. I agree, toasted with jam was delicious!
    Have a great day.


    • I liked the way you slashed your bread! Looks great! I also scrolled down to the banana peanut butter chips bread – THAT looked good! Keep cool if in a heat wave zone! Best, Kristine Mika (louisawalter)


  4. Yum homemade cherry jam would have been the best on this bread! Im glad you enjoyed this recipe! I can’t say I liked the length of time it took, but I did like the outcome:)


  5. I had a hard time finding the flour and was beginning to think, like you, that there were a lot of TWD bakers in the area. I enjoyed mine toasted with homemade Blackberry/Strawberry jam this morning! Yum


  6. I thought this bread was good with anything–a good all-purpose bread. Yours looks great!


    • I checked out yours as well! I am a little apprehensive about doubling so in my book, “hats off to you!” And like you, I will be baking this again as I really liked it. Maybe in winter with a hearty lentil stew! I like the hamburger buns idea! Kristine Mika (louisawalter)


  7. I found the semolina at Whole Foods in their scooping bins. I was able to get exactly the amount I needed. It was course ground and I wonder if that had any effect on my loaf and the fact that it was so flat. Anyway, your loaf looks great. Enjoy!


    • Thanks for your comment! What is strange is that I asked staff about the flour – and they were out of packaged semolina flour. They didn’t mention bins – I wonder if they forgot this? Whole Foods is too far from my home to be able to shop daily. So sorry about your oak tree! I’m rather attached to the huge sugar maple in our backyard – I would hate to lose it! Kristine Mika (louisawalter)


  8. Nice job. Though I added flavorings to my loaf, I thought it makes wonderful toast!


  9. Posted by teaandscones on July 25, 2012 at 10:56 am

    It is a delicious toasting bread. There is no semolina here in Podunk, USA. Luckily my Dau has a WF. Definitely making this one again. Yours looks just right.


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