Berry Galette

Proof of pitted cherries

Proof of pitted cherries

It was an adventure and an obstacle course. I loved the final product – after all I had two chances to bake this baby! So here is the timeline of events:

1) Adventure  🙂       The day before, I made the crust. It was chilling nicely in the frig. I liked the idea of the cornmeal and was excited to see how it would turn out.That part went really well, except I made the whole recipe.

2) Obstacle  😦      I was tired of berries. We just did the nectarine and blueberry pie, we have fruit everyday from the local stand, and blueberries are always in our frig. I even made blackberry ketchup (blog about this later). The second crop of raspberries are not out yet and strawberries just didn’t appeal to me. So I was stuck. I thought that I might choose veggies – but I really wanted to stick to the dessert aspect of this recipe.  So I stood in the fruits and vegetable section of my local store and considered my options. Rejected all the obvious ones: peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon, all the fruits listed above. Then wondered about grapes, but said no. Finally, I looked at the cherries. . .

2)  Adventure  🙂     I LOVE CHERRIES (I put dried ones in the biscotti and that worked for me!) Okay, I bought a bag of cherries.

3) Obstacle   😦     Finding the cherry pitter. Believe it or not, I had one for 25 years, sitting in a drawer just waiting for a second try (I made 1 cherry pie back in 1982.) So, I happily began to look for it. I had it in my hand as recently as a couple of months ago wondering if I should make a pie again when the cherries came in season.  So if I had it in my hand then it must be where always is – in the silverware drawer. I could not find it. I was so desperate, I cleared the drawer, washed the silverware, washed and disinfected the drawer and it still wasn’t there. I asked the ghost in my house to return it. Since it didn’t come back – it was gone.  Meanwhile, my greyhound, Sam, was, as always, by my side. Hoping for some handout.

4) Adventure   🙂   I thought I have to do this another way. So I looked up cherry pitting online. There was one crazy method using a mangled paper clip. I tried it once and then gave up. So I chose my personal avocado pitting method: Slice to the pit, rotate the knife a 360 around the fruit, twist the two side to pull apart then push out the seed with a spoon. So I tried it with the cherries and other than requiring some very fine motor skills I didn’t know I still had, this method actually worked.  I added less sugar,  little wild cherry brandy (I used this for the biscotti) and a generous tablespoon of corn starch to the mixture. It was good to go.

5)  Adventure   🙂  Rolling the dough was great fun. This dough made it very easy (unlike other recipes) and I was ready for the filling.

6) Obstacle   😦  So I rolled the dough out and then scooped the mixture into the middle of the dough. It looked beautiful. The pleats were perfect!  I just forgot one thing:  I didn’t move the rolled dough to the baking sheet BEFORE I added the filling. So I tried to lift it out with two wide spatulas and I could soon see that that wasn’t going to work. I wanted to cry!  Until I remembered . . .

7) Adventure  🙂  I had made a full recipe of the galette dough and I had the other half still chilling!  Yea! for me!  So I ripped open the one sitting on my counter, got the filling out and then went to the frig for the second rolling.  I put in the filling and even some extra butter. And soon enough, I had it ready for the oven. It wasn’t as pretty as the first one, but it was decent. I was so happy that I flipped Sam a slice of butter to which he responded happily then moved in for more.

8)  True love is a compliment that is NOT squeezed out of someone!  🙂  My husband came home in the middle of all of this and exclaimed, “It smells like a bakery in here! What are we having?”  I told him and  he said, “I never had a galette before.”  Neither had I. So when it came time, I pulled it out of the oven and set it to rest on the counter top.

9) Here comes trouble   😐   My husband and I had to leave and so I left the galette cooling on the counter. My counter cruising greyhound, Sam, who has been observing the baking (as he always does looking for a slice of something), was nearby. I had to surround the cooling galette with traps and obstacles.  I did so and felt it was safe.  We left.

Sam, the perp

Sam, the perp

10) Never underestimate the problem solving skills of your dog  😐  When we returned . . . there was no galette.  There were no broken objects that surrounded the galette. They had just been pushed aside. After I recovered from the shock of losing the galette, I had to find where Same took it to eat it.  I searched the entire house and finally found a few crumbs and cherry stains on a dog bed on the second floor.

11)  Obstacle   😦  I was furious. He has done this before and I know better. But still, I think, he won’t this time. HA!  My husband recognized the signs of fury and calmly said, “Honey, you need to forgive Sam.”  Forgive him????  I wanted to wring his neck!  The obstacle here was NOT WRINGING HIS SKINNY LITTLE NECK!
12)  Adventure  🙂  I made another batch of dough – twice.  I realized halfway through the mixing that I couldn’t remember if I washed my hands.  I knew I hadn’t changed my clothes. (We were taking care of horses at the barn when this happened.  Enough said. . . )  So, I dumped out the mixture and took a shower and then returned to the kitchen.  I guess fury can make one do many things.

13) Adventure   🙂  I made the second galette to see if we liked it as much as Sam did. I did all the same steps, but was really good at pitting cherries now. It took me half the time. (Is that another outcome of rage and fury????)

14) Adventure  🙂 We had the galette last night and though I don’t think it was as pretty as the first one, it was good just the same AND my husband liked it!  Yea!

15)  Obstacle   😦  I never did find the cherry pitter.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Cherry Berry Galette #2


5 responses to this post.

  1. Cute post – even if it had a frustrating middle!
    I pit cherries by hand too – it’s a pain, but I am averse to another gadget 😦


  2. Sorry for all the frustration you had to go through. It made for a fun read if that is any consolation! Kudos for you to make another. I would have thrown in the towel!


    • Hi Cathleen, Thank you for your comment and reading my extra long blog! It did make for a funny story. But Sam’s best story is that he can break into the refrigerator and open the cheese drawer. Someday I will blog about that. Kristine (louisawalter)


  3. Posted by Emily on August 10, 2012 at 2:46 am

    I have the same problem with Niko and Mojo! If they would only use their powers for good!


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