These were perfect! And so easy! No problems with preparing these babies!

Prepared batter and then got interrupted by a ‘must do now task’ so I took the batter and placed a cover over it and set it in the oven where ‘Sam the Slammer’ couldn’t get at it.  (It’s the only appliance that still befuddles him as he has no thumbs. Yes, he can get into the refrigerator and open the cheese drawer. He has held at least 2 parties with our other pooches before we got smart and put a lock on the frig).

I digress . . .

I HAD planned to make them for dinner with home made spaghetti sauce using fresh tomatoes (something I did for the first time) with a salad on the side, but my husband thought he wanted to have them later that evening. So I switched gears and held off baking until after dinner.

When I returned I pulled out the batter and then whisked for several minutes.  There was some settling of ingredients at the bottom of the bowl so I whisked a good five minutes. I have no idea if this made the popovers fluffier.

I put the batter into six of the twelve muffin tins – about 1/3 cup each (I mis-read the 1/4 cup for muffin tins). Once I realized this mistake I went for the maximum baking time.  However, I was still on edge about it and watched the popovers pop. I took pictures of the progression.  I was so impressed that I could actually make these guys.

Baking popovers:  part 1

Baking popovers: part 1

Baking popovers:part 2

Baking popovers: part 2

Baking popovers:  part 3

Baking popovers: part 3

As I watched them ‘grow’ I thought about the popovers that Little Women had on Christmas Day just before they decided to take them to the Hummels. (I just watched the 1933 version this weekend – I have now watched all three versions and read the book several times.)

Although I know these aren’t the best photos, I was so excited that these were rising (I didn’t believe that they would ever turn out!) I still wanted to share. These were easy and turned out great!  Now I know why Amy was so reluctant to give her popovers to the Hummels.  (But she did, though!)

Popovers:  Done!

Popovers: Done!


9 responses to this post.

  1. Great post with or without photos. This was one fun recipe–I’ll make it again, soon.


  2. You had fun baking these, and they turned out perfect!


  3. These were fun to make. It was quite exciting to watch them puff up!


  4. Love your post especially the story about your dog. Ours is also highly food motivated, but fortunately is just a little to small to tackle the fridge.


    • Thanks for visiting the site! Our guy is a tall greyhound and has a clear view of the counter without stretching. He’s still my best boy, though. Have a great end of the dog days of summer! Kristine Mika


    • Just went to your site and couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment. So, here I am again after reading your blog. Loved the pan and being gluten free does make everything a bit more challenging – still your food looks great. I did love the pizza galette. Best, Kristine Mika (lousiawalter)


  5. I love Little Women!
    I like how you were able to capture the oven progress. Fun idea…


  6. Posted by Teresa on September 1, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    Love your Little Women reference! I don’t think I’d be too disposed to share, either.


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