Best-Ever Brownies

Many years ago, when I dabbled in baking (and I was NOT very good), I found a recipe in Maidia Heatter’s cookie book (name now forgotten) in which she claimed that they were the ‘best brownies ever!’

So, I made them.

Then I entered them in a bakeoff contest (something I had never done) because I was convinced that if these were the ‘best brownies ever’ then I was sure to win a bakeoff.



Of course I didn’t win.

I did not win because all brownies are the ‘best ever’ unless you have a preference for super moist over cakey. Or you hate chocolate (blondies don’t count as a brownie in my land. . . )

I also did not win because I was a darned awful baker and entering a contest on a whim, well, it had to be beginner’s luck (which wasn’t in my corner at the time.)

However, in the present I can say that these turned out pretty darn good. I added walnuts because the man in the house casually mentioned the organic walnuts in the freezer (hint, hint) and so I threw them into the batter.

After they cooled I sliced them up, wrapped them and threw them in the freezer to take to family on Thanksgiving. Only I forgot to take the photo of them looking nice on a plate. So I pulled them out and unwrapped one and here’s the picture.

Best-Ever Brownies

Best-Ever Brownies: Packed for the freezer

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! 

And if you can’t have pumpkin pie – have a brownie because there are



4 responses to this post.

  1. Heh, I like that you say there are no bad brownies – how very true! These were pretty darn good, maybe not the best ever (I’d probably save that for my grandmother’s own!), but definitely tasty.


  2. Posted by teaandscones on November 23, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    These were soooo good. Good for you for trying in a competition.


  3. Glad these turned out for you! I would rather have a brownie than pumpkin pie myself. 🙂


  4. Doesn’t matter about winning the contest…you had fun, right? Thank God for the freezer to keep food ‘on hold’ till needed. I agree with you, it depends on the type of brownie one likes which makes them ‘the best.’



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