Finnish Pulla

This recipe was easy to do. I loved braiding, although getting the dough into three long pieces was a challenge. I think this is a skill I’m going to need to practice a lot. I’d pull to extend, only to have it bounce back to only a slightly longer version of the original length. It was progress, but slow progress. When I lined them up to prepare to braid, they looked a little frightening. The braiding was much easier. And at least I know how to do that!

Pulla dough looking a bit scary

Pulla dough looking a bit scary

Once I finished all the braiding, I had to make the bow. Another new skill. My bow turned out more like a Salvadore Dali image (you know the dripping clocks) and it is barely seen in the final product. BUT, I did it! And in the end, it was really a good bread. I was disappointed that my egg wash didn’t cover the bread as I expected. I slopped a lot on, but when the bread baked and expanded, it lost the gorgeous browning glaze.  Was I supposed to egg wash before I braided?  I don’t know. But I was still proud of the final product and took pictures to show friends. And almost everyone asked why I put such huge pieces of garlic on the bread!  I shook my head and said, “Those are almonds!”  My husband liked it and that’s all that counts. For today. . .

Finnish Pulla with almonds!

Finnish Pulla with almonds!


4 responses to this post.

  1. You did it indeed! Lovely wreath! I agree with you that the strands were a challenge – they kept shrinking on me while I rolled out the next one. This is a wonderful bread! ~Happy Holidays!


  2. Posted by Teresa on December 21, 2012 at 4:31 am

    That’s funny that the almonds were mistaken for garlic – that would have taken it in an entirely different flavour direction!


  3. It really is good bread. Your braiding looks excellent. Well done.
    Happy Holidays.


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