Pizza with Onion Confit

The stone and the peel arrived and I got it done! I loved this recipe and loved have the fragrance of the onions simmering in the red wine! It made my day seem very good!  BUT, with all things, there was only one thing I did not like – opening that bottle of red wine. While I know that others just breeze through the skill of opening a bottle wine with elegance and aplomb, I still struggle with the cork screw and I look like I’m wrestling with a wolverine. After spending 20 minutes pushing and turning an ugly claw like implement (the corkscrew), I put that stupid bottle between my legs and try to gently pull that cork out. Gentle does not always work. It was not a pretty sight.

Nevertheless, I got it done and baked the pizza on the stone using the peel!  It’s an accomplishment!  (Just so you, dear reader, knows – I didn’t use the goat cheese. Goat cheese makes my mouth itch! So I went conservative and stayed with mozzarella! It was terrific!)

Pizza dough waiting for the cheese and onion confit

Pizza dough waiting for the cheese and onion confit

Pizza on a peel

Pizza on a peel


6 responses to this post.

  1. What the heck! I thought I will leave you a comment anyway 🙂 Happy Cooking! Catherine,


  2. Woot! You made it. (And yea for a new peel and stone).

    I am a bear with wine bottles – it wasn’t until we got the right corkscrew that I finally figured it out. Sigh.


    • I suppose my reluctance to really look for a corkscrew that works well (and is easy to use) doesn’t help. Maybe I will invest the time and $$. After all, I don’t think this is the last recipe I will do with wine. . . Have a great weekend!


  3. Your pizza looks great! The onions do smell heavenly don’t they. We enjoyed this one as well.


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