French Apple Tart

Instead of doing a single tart, I pulled out my tartlet pans from last February’s recipe. I liked the idea of single portion sized tartlets rather than a huge tart.

I didn’t plan this recipe out very well! I thought that it would be easy to do all in one day, with the exception of making the pie dough the night before. Boy, was I freakin’ wrong! These weren’t difficult to make, but the time commitment was a bear! I started at 9:30 a.m. By the time I got to the topping the tarts, the directions, “working slowly and carefully.’ was not going to happen, I’m sorry to say. My attention to detail, lack of patience and no skill at putting apple slices in a circle was as thinly sliced as the apple topping. I laughed out loud when I read, “If you have turned off the oven, . . .” Well, Leslie Mackie anticipated that one! Because I had, indeed, turned off the oven! I, so, wanted it over! Eventually, it was. Over, that is. After only four and one half hours, I finally had six warm tarts cooling on the rack.

Would I make this again?  Yes, but I would plan it better!

So, the outcome is pictured below. Presentation sucks, but they were good.

French Apple Tartlets with Unusual Design

French Apple Tartlets with Unusual Design


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  1. The time involved was a bit of a bear, wasn’t it! Definitely not something I’d do just for funsies, but maybe for when I want to show off. Your little tartlets are adorable!


    • I thought I was the only one who noticed how much time it took! Everyone is commenting about it. However, I think the next time I approach this recipe (and there will be a next time), I will go into a ‘zen of baking’ mode!


  2. Your tartlets looks great. I love the look of the mini tarts. So much nicer for presentation and it just seems more special to have individual servings.
    It was a time consuming project that’s for sure. Will definitely plan it better for the next time (and I’m pretty sure there will be a next time). :o)


  3. Great idea to make minis! I made the pie crust (up until baking) and the filling a day ahead, so the time involved didn’t seem so painful.


  4. It was time consuming but worth it! Your tarts look great.


  5. Yes, definitely time consuming, but really yummy! I think your tarts look great!


  6. I love your small tarts–they’re gorgeous!!


  7. This was a bit of a time eater – I really like your mini versions. It is a good reminder to use my tartlet pans more often!


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