Focaccio with Rosemary and Balsamic Salt

Several problems were encountered with this recipe and solutions are offered.

Problem 1: I wanted to have this for our Super Bowl dinner. But I started too late to allow the dough to set for 36 hours in the frig. So, I decided to bake one of the doughs on Sunday afternoon after a 17 hour rest and the other two after they hit the 36 hour mark. The dough less rested came out well. But the other two were better. Solution:  Drink a lot of beer before dinner, the difference between 17 hours and 36 doesn’t much matter!

Problem 2:  I really don’t know how to work with fresh rosemary except to pull each little spindly leaf off one at a time. I found this time consuming and began playing, “he loves me; he loves me not. . .”   It’s obvious, don’t you think? However, it never quite worked out the way I wanted it to, so I kept pulling those leaves off each stem. (The rule was to completely clear the stem.) At the end of each stem when I found ‘he loves me not’, I had to start another so that I could get to the ‘he loves me’ as the conclusion. This required a lot of rosemary pulling. And, in order for it to be true (‘he does love me after all!) I had to use all the rosemary leaves on the focaccio. This was a lot! So I generously sprinkled an herb that, in fact, I’m not that fond of. Unfortunately (or fortunately), most of them fell off when pulled from the oven. I wonder what that means????  Solution: Use balsamic salt with the rosemary as a topping. It stays on and is very good!

Problem 3:  I took several pictures of all my focaccios. With my phone. Which chose this week to take pictures but not allow me to send them!  So my husband lent me his camera and while he is figuring out the problems with my phone, my photos are on hold. Solution: Post them later.

Did we like it?  Yes!!!  AND He still loves me!

Update 12 hours later:  Here’s the photo – not very creative, I’ll grant you that! Phone pics are still somewhere in cyberspace. . .

Focaccia on red cutting board

Focaccia on red cutting board


13 responses to this post.

  1. Very funny. I baked mine at the 24 hour mark. Pretty good. I did have to write up my results and insert the photos later because I didn’t realize there was an overnight rest!


  2. I love that your problems have creative solutions!
    Glad your bread tasted good.
    Thanks for baking along this week.


  3. I knew beer was a solution! Glad he still loves you and rosemary!


    • Great balls of dough beats down the ‘he loves me’ game every time! Now I’m off to the grocery store for bourbon and chocolate. Will be getting started on the next project now since we have one heck of a storm coming our way (New England). BTW: My Kitchenaid held up just fine. I’m glad I didn’t read those comments before I baked! Keep warm whereever you are! Kristine Mika


  4. Next time I have a kitchen problem, I will remember your game, and the beer solution. This was an enjoyable post to read. 🙂


  5. Love rosemary focaccia! In regard to your rosemary, how to explain this.. I hold the stem at one end, then pinch with my thumb and forefinger with the other hand and slide down the branch. The “leaves” of the rosemary will come off easily. Though it may be more fun to play “he loves me, he loves me not”!


  6. Yes! If you drink a lot of beer, the time difference isn’t noticeable at all! Rosemary and focaccia are a perfect match.


  7. Loved reading your creative solutions for the focaccia. 😉 Like you, we also liked this recipe. Hope the snow storm passes soon. Digging out from 3 feet of snow is always an adventure.


  8. Whew – glad he still loves you. Beer and bread go a long way toward keeping the love alive 🙂


    • Bread, Beer, and Men – sounds like a title for a collection of short stories! Hope your weather, Cher, is not as challenging as our 32 inches of snow that we got! Kristine Mika


  9. I have a two rosemary plants sitting in my kitchen window for the winter, but I was much too lazy (and hungry) after a 20-hour resting period to use the fresh stuff – I found the dried to be the right mix of adding some flavor without it being too overpowering. Where did you find balsamic salt?


    • I was wandering around the market at Grand Central Station in NYC and there is a ‘shop’ called Spices and Tease’ with all these amazing spices and salts. I picked up two types: the balsamic salt and the pink Himalayan salt. Your request reminded me to dig out their business card hidden deep in the pockets of my wallet. Website (which I haven’t been on yet) is: Thanks for visiting. Let me know if you get this reply. I have no idea what I’m doing with blogging, commenting and replying! Kristine Mika


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