Rustic Potato Bread


So easy that I had to do it twice to cover my mistakes from try number 1!

I got over confident and sloppy and ended up with two good ends and a wet middle!  (I added extra potato water to the flour – didn’t listen!)

Rustic Potato Bread with an unhappy center

Rustic Potato Bread with an unhappy center

After admonishing myself for not following directions. I decided to take it on again. So I returned to the grocery store and weighed about 18 different potatoes just to find the correct weight (as suggested in the recipe) and finally decided on two whoppers that came close to the suggested weight. Then I went home.

Two weeks later when those potatoes started to leaf out. I trudged back to the store and bought two more, carefully weighing them again. This time when I returned home, I started the bread.

Second try and with more careful deliberation, I had two excellent loaves that I used for toast, grilled cheese and just sandwiches.  My husband loved them and I am willing to do this again soon!

Potato Bread that's done inside

Potato Bread that’s done inside

Ready for Sandwiches

Ready for Sandwiches


3 responses to this post.

  1. Loved your post. I know how easy it is to get cocky. I loved this bread and will make it again.


  2. HaHa, great post. You sound like me with the potatoes. I buy them thinking I’ll use them and then don’t. Your bread looks great. I loved this recipe and bought a bag of potatoes to make the bread again……hoping I get to the bag of potatoes before they walk away!


  3. Ahh yes, we also often have too many potatoes in the house. I’ve recently discovered a stir fry potato recipe to deal with the most recent potato situation. Your loaves look great!!


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