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Upside Down Baby Rhubarb Cakes

I liked working on this project. It was challenging and relaxing at the same time!  I made it on Tuesday which is why I’m blogging today since I served a babycake to my husband last night while watching TV.  We were watching SPLASH – if you don’t know SPLASH it’s a realty show competition of celebrities doing dangerous dives while trying to avoid getting seriously hurt (some did nonetheless). Anyway, in diving there are scores from 1 to 10.

And while celebrities were getting scored, I guess my husband got it into his head that I would like a score. (Not really. . .)

This is a 9.5!

Hmm. . . I didn’t ask why he didn’t consider it perfect. I just shoveled another bite into my mouth.

Baby Cake Served. Score: 9.5

Baby Cake Served. Score: 9.5