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Tomato Cheese Galette

His and Hers Cheese Tomato Galette

His and Hers Cheese Tomato Galette

Loved this recipe – especially after having had to take time off from baking to do such things as WORK! I feel as though I missed a lot by not baking, mostly sanity, but I’m back and hoping that summer will be a smoother ride than the spring.

As a welcome back to baking reward, I cleaned my oven. Not certain how this is a reward though???

I cracked open BWJ for TWD to the galette recipe and got to work. I made two¬† since they seemed so small. Served them up without fanfare or a salad and the husband looked at it and said, “What is this?” It was a quiet question. So, I explained that it was pizza in a pie crust with flaps. He accepted that since he was able to see the cheese, tomatoes and flaps. Then he ate quietly and slowly. When finished, he said, “I hope you kept this recipe. It’s a keeper!” And it is. I will experiment next time – maybe with garlic?